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Dental & Vision Coverage

There are many reasons individuals seek Dental and Vision Coverage! One reason could be that either you or your spouse’s group health plan does not offer it. Another could be Medicare coverage. Original Medicare as well as Medigap Plans do not offer that type of coverage. In either scenario, your oral and eye health are important!


Dental Coverage


Dental plans typically offer basic or full coverage. Basic dental plans’ would cover things such as your routine cleanings, x-rays, and basic procedures. Basic procedures are things such as restorative filling work. Full-coverage dental plans will offer you those benefits plus major restorative care and sometimes orthodontic coverage. Depending on your dental needs, would determine the type of plan you need.

There are a few things to remember when purchasing a dental plan. More than likely, you will have more cost-sharing than just your monthly premium. Deductibles and co-insurance will also apply up to an Annual Maximum. The annual maximum is the most your plan will pay in a plan year. Once the maximum is exhausted and you are seeing an in-network provider, you will still see savings! That is because you will be eligible for discounted fees through the plan.

Something else to consider when purchasing supplemental dental is that the percentage of coverage can vary from year one to year two. For example, in year one basic coverage may be covered at 60%, and in year two it may be covered at 80%. After a year of paying your premiums, these percentages will decrease. This could be because of the plan you are enrolling into or because you have existing coverage.

Vision Coverage


Vision insurance plans offer coverage for preventative routine eye exams and allowances for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Premiums and co-pays will apply, but a vision plan can help offset the overall amount that you pay for your vision needs every year!

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