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Life Insurance

You've built a legacy- Make sure it's protected.

Its the only insurance you are guaranteed to use.

Get the coverage you need at a price you deserve

Getting affordable Life Insurance has never been easier. No matter what your age or your budget , we have a plan that suits your needs. Protect your legacy in less than 10 minutes by requesting a fast and free quote.  We shop over 50 top rated companies to ensure the best rate in your area. 

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We do the shopping for you
Plans and coverage for any budget
Term, Whole Life and Final Expense solutions
We make sure your beneficiary gets paid
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.Is term insurance better than whole life?

    If you want low premiums, term can be better than whole life, but these policies do expire after a set amount of covered years.

    2.What is the cash value?

    A component found in whole life policies, where money accumulates and gains interest in an account that you can borrow against after a few years. 

    3.Can I purchase life insurance If I have cancer?

    Yes you can; however there is likely to be a waiting period before your beneficiary receives the full death benefit.