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What is Renters Insurance?


A renters policy is designed to offer protection to individuals who are renting a house or apartment. So, if you are residing in a rented space, you want to make sure you have coverage for a variety of scenarios that may occur. Things like fire, hail, and thefts are just a few reasons to have coverage! Let’s learn more about the ins and outs of these policies!


What renters coverage is offered?


Unforeseen circumstances do happen. Make sure your protected! Let’s look at the types of coverage and what they cover.

Personal Property: The component of the policy will help to cover and/or replace your belongings. This would include things like furniture, clothing, and electronics.

Liability: In the event an individual were injured at your rented space, this would help cover and legal fees and medical expenses if they sued you.

Additional living expenses: In the event your space becomes uninhabitable. This will help cover the costs of hotel bills during the repairs of your space. 


How much will my premium be?


Normally, renters insurance is very affordable! However, depending on what type of coverage you need, will dictate your premium. For example, a higher deductible policy will normally give you a lower premium. But, you may want to consider how much you want to pay out in the event of a claim. Getting an individualized quote is always best practice!


How much renters coverage do I need?


This is going to vary from person to person. However, best thing to do is to take a personalized inventory of all of your belongings. You want to be sure to have sufficient coverage for the items you have worked hard for!


What happens if I file a claim?


In the event of needing to file a claim, you can always contact your broker! They can help assist you in this process. But, you will need to contact the insurance company and there will be questions about the loss. Before the insurance company covers their portion of the loss, you’ll be responsible for your deductible.

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